Terms & Conditions


• Taxi Cortina Sci reserves the right to change the published rates in case of night time (+20% from 9pm to 6:30am), closed streets, exceptional snowfall or atmospheric events or lack of availability. Any change will be communicated directly in the reservation email or asap in case of external causes..

• During high season periods, departures on Sundays afternoon later than 3:30pm may have a 20% supplement due to hard traffic and reaching on time the destination may not be possible. Please listen to reservation office advices.

• Taxi Cortina Sci collaborates with other car hire with driver companies, with the same quality and efficiency standards and may use them to perform services if necessary.

• The excess luggage such as skis and equipment, must be declared at the time of booking to ensure that the car is suitable for such transport.

• Taxi Cortina Sci tries in any reasonable way to do achieve its vehicles in time to appointments. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid delays due to causes beyond our control but will communicate and solve the delay ASAP.

• The cars are all newly registered and covered by insurance for itself and for transported people in compliance with permits traffic regulations in Italy and in the EEC.

• The passenger is fully covered by insurance that Taxi Cortina Sci stipulated in its fleet with third parties. The properties of the passengers are, however, carried entirely under the responsibility of the passenger who asserts ownership when boarding. We suggest you to check your luggage at the start of the trip.

• Taxi Cortina Sci reserves the right to change at any time part of this agreement.

• TaxiCortinaSci reserves the right to change at any time, party to this agreement.

• You are kindly obliged to report to the person in charge any problem arising from inefficiencies or failures directly attributable to our work. We will take action to mitigate any inconvenience or loss in customer satisfaction.

• These conditions of transport and all related services respect the laws governing the sale of services in Italy, this guarantees the protection of the passenger and his baggage.


Users of car hire with driver service are forbidden to:

• Smoking during transport.

• Eating or drinking alkohol during transport.

• Throwing objects from the vehicle is stationary or moving.

• Deface or damage the vehicle.

• Claim that the transport is carried out in violation of the safety standards and behavior provided in the road code.

• Demand the carriage of pets without having adopted, in agreement with the charterer, all possible measures to avoid damage or soiling of the car.


The customer can make the cancellation by sending an e-mail or calling +39 338 4889793.

The cancellation of the car hire with driver service or complementary services is accepted

Without penalty until 24hrs before the service 
50% cancellation fee between 24hrs and 2 hours before the service
100% cancellation fee within 2 hours before the service

For agencies: without penalty until 24 hours before the service
100% cancellation fee within 12 hours before the service 

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, please notify our reservation number in order to ensure the presence of one of our drivers on arrival. The absence of warning may exclude the right to have the car available.


If not differently agreed, the driver will be waiting you with no additional fees as follows:

• Airport: 1 hour after flight landing

Meeting point: in the arrival lobby, just after the luggage room sliding doors with a name board

• Train station: 15 minutes after train arrival

Meeting point: at the arrival platform in front of your coach exit with a name board

• Hotel: 15 minutes after pickup time

Meeting point: in the lobby of the hotel

If our driver is not there, please call +39 338 488 97 93 for checking with the reservation office.

Each extra waiting hour will be charges € 30,00 for car and € 40,00 for minivan.